The company brings together more than 24 years of experience with observations, mapping and other studies of marine mammals and birds. We have done so for seismic companies, oil companies, government institutions and universities. Our work has, in some cases been immediately applied such as seismic MMO service and in other cases academic studies or impact assessments for offshore constructions.

The company has taken part in seismic surveys in the Arctic during four years and some of us has done arctic surveys starting 22 years ago. We are part of a very comprehensive study of marine mammals and birds in the Fehmarn Belt between Germany and Denmark to contribute to an EIA for a new bridge link. iWe are currently producing EIA’s for marine as well as land based windmill parks.

We have taken part in many windmill projects on land and sea, contributing to the installation of over 40 MW of windmill power on land and over 150 MW offshore.  We have contributed to a 20-year reduction of about 6,5 mill. tons of CO2 on windmill projects – 2 mill. tons on projects on land and 4,5 mill. tons on offshore projects. We are further contributing to a 20-year reduction of 5. mill. ton of CO2 in project that are not yet realized.

We provide professional Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) service that includes:

  • Experience with seismic survey MMO service and reporting
  • Marine mammal and marine bird observation of scientific quality
  • Worldwide coverage and experience
  • Currently 21 experienced observers available
  • The use of standard international methods
  • Quality reporting
  • Communicate in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Lithuanian, Japanese, Greek, Faeroese, West Greenlandic and the Scandinavian languages.


Our observers are equipped, briefed, insured and supervised by us. We provide quality assurance and work hard to ensure that our client’s requirements are met.